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Camp Greenwood a serialized dark comedy about six toxic narcissists who get trapped in a haunted cabin in the Adirondacks and it won’t set them free until they become better people. Think of it as a haunted cabin in reverse. Instead of terrorizing its guests, the cabin really just wants everyone to get along. 


In our story, the cabin is the hero; and it’s the people who are haunted.


Creator Statement
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Creator statement

On June 21, 2020 a six year old girl, Jemma, gifted her grandfather a hand drawn cartoon. It is an epic tale of a Pop pop and Grammy who “when the trees and flowers are in trouble” turn into superheroes: Greenwood and Lilac. Together, they go on an adventure to defeat the villainous Taker in his pursuit to take all the flowers and trees away. In the midst of a pandemic, Jemma, the daughter of a health care worker who is very much aware of the darkness that is COVID-19, brought a story of hope to her family. Four months later Jemma’s Grandparents achieved a life long goal of owning property in the Adirondacks, they aptly named this cabin Camp Greenwood. This six year old girl is the niece of our Executive Producer, Melanie Mahanna.

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